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Wednesday, October 30th 2013

3:03 PM


What are the most common causes of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy ? Unfortunately , this question allows no doctor will be able to give a concrete answer , most likely it is a combination of physical and hormonal changes in the body that occur during pregnancy . earlysignsofpregnancyblog.blogspot.com/ Some possible causes of nausea are: Estrogen - the amount of this hormone in the early stages of pregnancy is growing rapidly , so it is safe and it is one of the " culprits " nausea . Increased sensitivity to odors - it is well known that at an early stage of pregnancy sense of taste becomes extremely sensitive to even the mildest food smells like toast and tea and some smells can trigger gag reflex which further stimulates nausea. Suspected to this increased sensitivity comes because of elevated levels of estrogen in the body of a pregnant woman . Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG ) - a hormone known as the pregnancy hormone , is produced in the placenta during pregnancy and its increased secretion can cause nausea . Although not scientifically proven this statement to various measurements , we came to the result that the nausea and usually strongest at the time when the amount of the hormone hCG at the highest level . In pregnant women carrying more than one baby hCG hormone is an even higher level of pregnant women carrying one child. earlypregnancy1.wordpress.com/ Sensitive stomach - the majority of pregnant women feel a strong sensitivity of the stomach. Some studies have shown that pregnant women who found in the stomach bacterium Helicobacter pylori (gram negative bacteria in the stomach causes mild inflammation ) are more likely than long-term nausea and vomiting . Stress some pregnant women studies have shown that nausea and vomiting are the body's response to excessive stress . I do not plan ahead too much daily duties , match them with real possibilities when you see how they feel at that moment . Do not sweat the unimportant things that you can only create additional stress . Rest , because physical and emotional fatigue amplify problems. Furthermore, a possible indication that you will suffer from nausea and vomiting are also genetic predisposition . The greater the likelihood of nausea if you wear twins. If this is not your first pregnancy , you are in the first pregnancy had problems with nausea and vomiting, unfortunately , very high probability that you will in a second pregnancy suffer from nausea . Same is the case with previous adverse reactions to taking birth control pills , if you had a sickness of the pill , it is an indication of how your body reacts to the increased estrogen , which is significantly elevated in pregnancy . Furthermore, a possible indication that you will suffer from nausea and vomiting are also genetic predisposition (if you are a woman in your immediate family had a sickness , you will probably have you ) . If in the first quarter and you suffer from severe nausea 50 % are you more likely to wear a girl. What is anemia and how to recognize it? Anemia or anemia occurs due to reduction in the number of red blood cells and usually occurs due to a lack of iron in the blood , which is essential to creating hemoglobin whose task is precisely the transfer of oxygen to the cells. During the life of anemia among women is due to a lack of iron in the body through food and bleeding during menstruation , and pregnancy to anemia usually occurs because the volume of blood in the mother's body , and increases to 50 % and therefore need more iron to to create any amount of hemoglobin that has oxygen supply and additional stations . Anemia occurs due to the reduction in the number of red blood cells and usually occurs due to a lack of iron in the blood , which is essential to creating the hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the cells. Risk of anemia is higher if you even before pregnancy had low levels of iron in the blood, very heavy periods , if you have had particular problems with vomiting and if you carry more than one child . But there is another reason for the occurrence of anemia in pregnancy except for iron deficiency. These are insufficient intake of vitamin B12 and folic acid. Blood tests will clearly show if you are anemic . It is not necessary to develop anemia in the first half of pregnancy , it is common to appear later in the pregnancy. Iron-deficiency anemia in pregnancy may indicate a risk of preterm birth and low birth weight baby. What are the symptoms of anemia ? When weak anemia symptoms are almost unnoticeable , you may experience fatigue , dizziness, rapid heartbeat, headache , trouble concentrating , and you might notice that the nails and lips become brighter than before. If there are significant anemia can lead to premature delivery , delays in growth and development of the child , and it increases the risk of developing an infection after giving birth , and sometimes a blood transfusion . How to treat anemia caused by iron deficiency ? Doctors usually prescribe an iron supplement , depending on the severity of the anemia will regulate the dose you need . Note that the prescribed quantity of iron exactly as much as you need, you can do on your own to increase the dose. Imagine yourself on the fact that a single dose of an adult man can poison a small child . When taking pills are advised to drink them on an empty stomach with water or orange juice (vitamin C promotes the absorption ) , and never with milk (calcium interferes with absorption ) or coffee and tea . Can iron supplement cause any side effects ? If iron levels to be too high , it can lead to a prison to which pregnant women and usually have the trouble some cases leads to the occurrence of heartburn , nausea and vomiting . Given that iron irritates the stomach , be sure to avoid taking at bedtime. If you can not cope with the side effects , contact your doctor for advice. See the iron supplement often becomes extremely dark, so do not worry about it because it 's quite normal. How to prevent iron deficiency ? It is certainly a much healthier substitute for iron through food intake rather than through pills . So pay attention to the foods you eat . Some on this list certainly find red meat is very rich in iron, beans, lentils , broccoli, all green leafy vegetables, potatoes with skin , apricot and dried fruit . Note that the iron from meat more easily absorbed in the body than iron from vegetables and grains . Although the liver is very rich in iron, it is not recommended for pregnant women consuming because it contains large amounts of vitamin A , which can cause birth defects in the child.
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Monday, October 28th 2013

1:18 PM


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Monday, October 28th 2013

12:00 AM

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